Ani mabit mehachalon
vezeh oseh li dei atzuv,
ha'aviv chalaf avar lo
mi yode'a im yashuv
haleitzan hayah lemelech
hanavi nihyah leitzan
veshachachti et haderech
aval ani od kan

Veyihyeh tov
yihyeh tov, ken
lif'amim ani nishbar
az halailah
ho halailah
itach ani nish'ar

Yeladim lov'shim k'nafaim
ve'afim el hatzava
ve'acharei sh'nataim
hem chozrim lelo t'shuvah
anashim chayim bemetach
mechapsim sibah lin'shom
uvein sin'ah leretzach
medabrim al hashalom

Veyihyeh tov...

(Ken) sham lemalah bashamaim
ananim lom'dim la'uf
va'ani mabit lemalah
vero'eh matos chatuf
memshalah shel generalim
mechaleket et hanof
leshelahem veleshelanu
ve'lo ro'im/matai nir'eh et hasof

Od nil'mad lichyot beyachad
bein churshot atzei zeitim
yeladim yich'yu bli pachad
bli g'vulot, bli mik'latim
al kvarim yifrach ha'esev
leshalom ve'ahava
me'ah shanim shel cherev
ve'od lo avdah hatikvah

Veyihyeh tov...

Ani mabit mehachalon
ulai yagi'a/ulai magi'a, ken magi'a,
yom chadash

Hineh ba nasi mitzraim
eich samachti likrato
pyramidot ba'einaim
veshalom bemik'tarto
ve'amarnu bo nash'limah
venichyeh k'mo achim
ve'az hu amar kadimah,
rak tetz'u mehash'tachim.



I look out of the window
and it makes me very sad,
spring has left
who knows when it will return.
the clown has become a king
the prophet has become a clown
and I have forgotten the way
but I am still here

And all will be good
yes, all will be good
though I sometimes break down
but this night
oh, this night,
I will stay with you.

Children wear wings
and fly off to the army
and after two years
they return without an answer.
people live under stress
looking for a reason to breathe
and between hatred and murder
they talk about peace.

And all will be good...

(Yes) up there in the sky
clouds are learning how to fly
and I look up
and see a hijacked airplane.
A government of generals
divide the land,
to whats theirs and ours
and we do not/when will we see the end?

We will yet learn to live together
between the groves of olive trees
children will live without fear
without borders, without bomb-shelters
on graves grass will grow,
for peace and love,
one hundred years of war
but we have not lost hope.

And all will be good...

I look out of my window
maybe it has/will come
a new day

Here comes the prince of Egypt
oh how I rejoiced for him
there are pyramids in (our) eyes
and peace in his pipe
and we said let's complete (it)
and we'll live as brothers
and he then said (let's) advance,
just go out from the territories.

Photo of David Broza & Hebrew words
Photo of Meni Beger & Hebrew words

Singable English   

Words adapted from Zemerl.com

Jonathan Geffen
David Broza
David Broza
David Broza & Nimrod Lev
Meni Beger
First Collection Track 16

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Singable English translation by Stu Lewis of Unknown.
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Singable English


I am looking out my window
and my heart is filled with pain,
For lo, the Spring is gone now,
it may never come again,
In a land that's ruled by jesters,
all the prophets seem like clowns,
And I don't know where I'm going,
but I guess I'll hang around.


So you tell me, tell me once again,
It will all turn out all right,
If you hold me, oh please hold me,
I can make it through the night.

See our young ones test their wings
as they go flying off to war,
See them come back two years later,
and they still don't know what for.
People living on the edge here
need a reason just to breathe,
Amid the fighting and the bloodshed,
do we dare to talk of peace?


I look up and watch the clouds
as they are learning how to fly,
But they cannot hide the warplanes
flying swiftly throught the sky.
Generals divide the landscape
with their greedy little hands;
It's as if they owned the sunrise-
-will this fighting ever end?


Someday we'll learn to live together,
into plowshares bend our spears,
And our children won't know shelters,
won't know borders, won't know fears.
O'er the graves of our brave soldiers,
the grass once more will thrive.
Despite a hundred years of fighting,
our hope is still alive.


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