Nashir lachem nigun yashan
Nigun yashan al ma'ayan
Al ma'ayan shovav
Meimav hayu tzlulim tzlulim
Galav hayu kchulim kchulim
Me'al lechof zahav

Haya notzetz ba'avivim
Haya noshek ibey ibim
Chotz sedot dagan
Haya marve noded ayef
Vela'ilan hamitkofef
Et chiyuto natan

Aval me'omek nishmato hamo hama
Ve'ergato shafach lesahar vechama
Nishaf lane'elam velachalom nichma
Velo yada el ma el ma

Ach yom echad rotet me'od
Bikesh me'el haneharot
Aseni na gadol
Rotze ani eshed lihyot
Rotze ani lizrom ligot
Befele hamachol

Sho'ef ani harchek lindod
Be'oz lehania tachanot
Laset gishrey zahav
Sho'ef ani lihyot amok
Ad cheker en ve'ad en sof
Im oniyot al gav

Vechach me'omek,,,

Shama ha'el lama'ayan
Vechol mevukasho natan
Vayolicho layam
Hayam baketzef halavan
Bala et shir hama'ayan
Vegoralo nechtam
Hayam gadol mabua kat
Mitko nimlach shiro avad
Lo od yarve noded
Verak dayag echad katan
Shama et bchi hama'ayn
Asher bikesh latzet

Veshuv me'omek...


We will sing to you an old song
An old song about a spring
About a naughty spring
With very clear water
With very blue waves
Above golden sand

It sparkled in the springtime
It kissed new beginnings
Crossing grain fields
Filling the thirst of a tired wanderer
And gave it's livelihood
To a bent tree

But from the bottom of its soul it cried
And poured it's longing to the sun and the moon
Striving to the unknown and longed to the dream
But did not know what exactly it wants

One day - trembling
It asked from the God of the rivers
Make me big
I want to be a waterfall
I want to run
Like the wonder of dancing

I would like to wander far
To move mills strongly
To carry golden bridges
I want to be deep
To research every thing
With ships on my back

But from the bottom of its soul it cried.......

God heard the sprint
And he granted its wishes
Took him along to sea
The sea with its white foam
Swallowed the spring's song
And its destiny was signed
The sea is big a small fountain
It's sweetness filled with salt
Its song was lost
It will not satisfy the thirst of the wanderer
And only one small fisherman
Heard the spring's cry
The spring that wanted to come out

.........But from the bottom of its soul it cried

בלדה על מעיין וים

Hebrew words

Yechiel Mohar
Moshe Wilenski
Haim Paniri
Eitan Masuri, Shoshana Damari
Boaz Sharabi
Yehoram Gaon
Izhar Cohen, Lehakat Hanachal
Shlomo Maman

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