Haru'ach noshevet k'rirah,
nosifah kisam lam'durah,
vechach bizro'ot argaman
ba'esh ya'aleh kekorban,
ha'esh mehavhevet,
shirah melavlevet,
sovev lo, sovev hafinjan...

Ha'esh lakisam telachesh:
admu ko paneinu ba'esh
im lanu tig'boret tutan/tuchan
mikol b'dal anaf shebagan,
kol etz vechol keresh
yashir azai cheresh,
sovev lo, sovev hafinjan...

Vezot, belo tosefet sh'vachim.
M'lachat mashkeh ham'lachim:
kafeh vesukar bo yutan
umayim - michatzit hakankan
yirtach pa'amaim -
hosifu k'tzat mayim,
sovev lo, sovev hafinjan...

Ve'im beshlishit chish yirtach -
halev yechared veyis'mach,
yach'zor hapasuk hanoshan:
hineh kahefeh kvar muchan.
Nishteh venish'bach:
yesh ta'am, yesh reiach,
sovev lo, sovev hafinjan...

Nigm'a min hasefel le'at,
hineh mesaprim kvar chizbat...
sipur she'avar alav zman,
besheker (sheket) matzmi'ach zakan...
habnof (blof) mitpate'ach -
kankan shuv rote'ach,
sovev lo, sovev hafinjan...

Nizkar nafinjan ech elav,
hachevreh higi'u mik'rav,
ech motkeh hagingi ratan:
echad lo yach'zor kvar lechan...
bedim'a ein katzeh
sovev hu be'etzev,
sovev lo, sovev hafinjan...

Shanim ya'avru vedorot,
g'vulot veg'sharim umedurot,
lezar la'olam lo yuvan
mah ta'am hazemer nugan -
tzanchan verizrevah
tamid yizkar bah -
ba"negaleh" netzachit shel finjan...



The cool wind blows,
we'll add a chip to the campfire,
and thus in scarlet
it will rise in the flames like a sacrifice.
the fire flickers,
its song rises up
the coffee pot spins, spins around.

The fire will whisper to the chip,
our faces grow so red by the fire
if more fuel is prepared for us
from every broken branch stub in the garden,
every tree and log
will sing so softly
the coffee pot spins, spins around.


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The source book is "Bekol Ram" pages 60-61
The Shiron of the Youth and Hechalutz Department of the WZO, Jerusalem
Year not specified.
Selected and prepared for publication by Uri Cohen and Zvi Ben-Porat
Please note: This songbook is no longer published or available for purchase.
There are only limited copies available in libraries worldwide.

Rise Up Singing shiron p. 152 : "Finjan" is an Arabic name for an old type of coffeepot, held by its long handle over an open flame. After a hard day's work, the pioneers in Israel would often build a fire, sing & relax & pass around the Finjan.
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Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Spanish translation by Heidi Cazes de Sevilla of Mexico City, Mexico.
Singable Italian translation by Daniel Shalev of Rishon Le Zion, Israel.
English - singable translation by Julie Hirsch of Savannah, GA, USA.
English - singable translation by Shir Ami of Unknown.
English - word by word translation by Adina Sutlin of Chesterton, Indiana, USA.
English - singable translation by Ros Schwartz of Canada.
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El viento sopla frío.
Agreguemos un leño a la fogata,
Y ahí con los brazos color púrpura,
en la llama subirá como sacrificio.
El fuego murmura,
Una canción entona,
Y gira y gira el finjan.

El fuego murmura a la brasa.
Nuestros rostros rojos se ponen ante el fuego
Y si nos traen un refuerzo
De las ramas del jardín,
Cada leño y cada tabla
Cantará suavemente
Y gira y gira el finjan...

Singable Italian


Il vento è già freddo, perciò
aggiungi un legnetto al falò,
il fuoco lo divorerà,
per noi si sacrificherà.
Scoppietta la scheggia,
il canto echeggia
e gira e rigira il caffè.
e gira e rigira il caffè.

Il fuoco alla scheggia fa: “Sai,
sei rossa, sei brace oramai,
ma quando altra legna, però,
viene a rinforzare il falò,
allora d’incanto
s’innalza un bel canto
e gira e rigira il caffè.


Così si prepara il caffè,
con questa ricetta da re:
con zucchero in quantità,
poi d’acqua riempi a metà.
Due volte a bollire,
poi d’acqua riempire
e gira e rigira il caffè.


Poi quando già pronto sarà,
(bollire tre volte si fa),
qualcuno dirà certo che
è ottimo questo caffè!
L’aroma... che odore!
Che gusto il sapore!
E gira e rigira il caffè...


English - singable


"A cooling wind's blowing upon
The ring where we pass the finjan
We'll throw tiny sticks on the pyre
We welcome the warmth of the fire
We'll sing until dawn while the fire flickers on
And once more we will pass the finjan! La, la, la......

English - singable


Softly the evening wind blows (clap, clap)
Golden our campfire glows (clap, clap)
And although the evening's far gone (clap, clap)
Its embers still burn on and on (clap, clap)
The embers keep sending a song neverending
Around and around the finjan (clap, clap)
La, lalala, lalala, lalala...

English - word by word

The Coffeepot

Ha-ruach - The wind
noshevet- blows
k'rirah - cool
Nosifa - We will add more
kisam - splinter, kindling, small piece of wood like a small branch etc ...
lam'durah - la is to; medura is bon fire or fire built in the open for celebration - vs. Aish = fire,
Lahavot = flames
V'chach - and thus, and so bizro-ot - with arms of argaman - here it refers to the color created by the fire. Argaman is the biblical word
used for very dark red or purple. I think it is a very poetic way of comparing the flames to dark red arms, in which the twigs and branches burn up like sacrifice.
Ba-eish - in the fire
ya-aleh - it will rise
K'korban - like a sacrifice
Ha-eish - the fire
m'hav-hevet - flickering
Shira - a song
m'lavlevet - blossoming
Soveiv lo - circling around, rotating
soveiv hafinjan - go around the finjan

Ha-eish The fire,
lakisam - la=to, kisam=the kindling wood
t'lacheish - will whisper to
(lakisam t'lachiesh = will whisper to the kindling wood)
Admu - will turn red
ko - so much
paneinu - our faces
ba-eish - by the fire
Im - if
lanu - for us
tigboret - additional, increased strength - here it refers to more wood for the fire
tuchan - will be prepared
Mi - from
kol - all
b'dal - small
anaf - branch
(Mikol b'dal anaf - from every small branch)
Note: The meaning of the word "B'dal" is small, like "B'dal Cigaria" (cigarette) which is
what is left of the cigarette after one smoked most of it. or "B'dal Ozen" which is the tip
of the ear. The word B'dal is not a very common word in everyday Hebrew and here
it's used in a poetic way to describe a small branch.
shebagan - in the garden
Kol - every
eitz - tree
v'chol - and every
keresh - board, plank
Yashir - will sing
azai - then
cheresh - silently, secretly
Soveiv lo sovev - Rotating, circling around
ha finjan. - (is) the Finjan

English - singable

The Coffeepot

The cool wind is dancing tonight
in the arms of the flickering firelight
Soon the forest will echo with sound
from this circle of song we have found
Each new branch on the fire
sends the flames rising higher
and the finjan goes round and around.

The flames whisper soft as they burn
The branches reply in return
Our voices arising as one
we will sing til the first rays of sun
Every branch, every tree
joins in sweet harmony
as around and round goes the finjan.

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