Eins'por shvilim veyetzi'ah
roshem betoch yoman masa
lehit'arbev velo lehibala
roshem betoch yoman masa

Vehayah umishehu ba
al tis'tovev
ki zeh tamid yachol lihyot
zeh sheyad'lik lecha et halev
yif'rok et hake'ev beshalvah

Maga haroch gover al hamakah
roshem betoch yoman masa
kulanu asuim avak shel ahavah
roshem betoch yoman masa

Mabitim lemalah venos'im t'filot
k'shebeintaim shochachim
shehamashma'ut lichyot
hi lish'ol et hashe'elot vela'anot

Vehayah im mishehu ba...

Infinite paths and an exit
Impressions inside the travel diary
To mix in and not be absorbed
Impressions inside the travel diary

And if it happens, and someone comes
Don't turn around
Because it can always be
The one that will set alight your heart
And rescue it from pain in calmness

A soft touch overcomes the blow
Impressions inside the travel diary
All of us are made of a dust of love
Impressions inside the travel diary

Looking upwards and issuing prayers
While in the meantime forgetting
That the meaning of life
Is to ask the questions and to answer

And if it happens, and someone comes...

Hebrew words

Aviv Geffen
Aviv Geffen
Aviv Geffen & Arik Einstein
Sharon Karlan
Journey Track 10

Words transliterated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Words translated by Jonathan Erez of Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
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