Atah nir'ah k'mo sus ye'or
yesh lach sechel shel tzipor
adif shetisha'er babor
ki bekarov atah tamut

Atah pashut idiot gamur
im shiga'on gad'lut chamur
atah satan o bekitzur
atah chel'at ha'enoshut

Gam im tiz'rok aleinu tilim
o te'ayem al hagalil im
hachaverim shelcha misuriah ve'iran
gam im tapil kan od katyushot
ted'a she'ein kan shum ye'ush od
beyachad nit'gaber al hatzarah.

Yalla ya Nasralla
nid'fok otcha inshalla
nach'zir otcha le'alla
im kol hachizballa
Yalla ya Nasralla
telech mipo ya zwalla
nig'zar kvar milemalah
shezeh hasof shelcha

Atah aluv atah katan
atah maz'kir orangutan
yesh lecha kinim al hazakan
vebekarov ta'uf mikan

Atah juck met atah bo'esh
atah mat'chil lehitya'esh
tzaha"l otcha rak mevakesh
k'dei lis'rof otcha ba'esh

Gam im tiz'rok aleinu tilim...

Yalla ya Nasralla...

Az tak'shiv tov ya chizballonchik aluv
vetihyeh muchan, ki bekarov kol tzaha"l,
im ha'apachim, haF-16, has'finot,
hatilim, hatankim, hacommando,
tzan'chanim, Golani, Giv'ati...
kulam, kulam, megi'im eleicha lebikur.
Az tin'shom kamah neshimot amukot,
veteheneh mehen...
ki eleh haneshimot ha'ach'ronot shelcha
ya kalb!

Yalla ya Nasralla...

You look like a hippopotamus
you have the brains of a bird
you may as well stay in your hole
because soon you will die

You are simply a complete fool
with a severe megalomania
you are the devil, or to make a long story short
you are the scum of mankind

Even if you'll launch rockets at us
or threaten the Galilee with
your friends from Syria and Iran
even if you'll drop here more katyushas
know that there's no despair here
together we will overcome the trouble

Come on oh Nasralla
we'll knock you inshallah
we will send you back to alla
with all of the hezballa
Come on oh Nasralla
go away you garbage
it's already been sentenced from above
that this is your end

You are pathethic, you are small
and you resemble an orangutan
you have lice on your beard
and soon you'll fly out of here

You are a dead coackroach, you're a skunk
you're running out of breath
the IDF is asking for you
to burn you up in fire

Even if you'l launch...

Come on oh Nasralla...

So listen well you pathetic hezballonchik
and be ready because soon all the IDF
with the apachees, the F16's, the battleships,
the missiles and the tanks, the commando,
the paratroopers, Golani, Giv'ati,
each and every one of them is coming to visit you!
so take a few deep breaths
and enjoy them...
because they are your last ones
you dog

Come on oh Nasralla...

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Nadav Frishman
Asaf Frishman
Frishman Vehachalutzim

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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