Ho ... yad anuga hayta la
Ish lo he'ez ga'at ba;
Zug s'fateha shani chen,
Rak linshikot notzru hen.
Ho, Ima ... rak linshikot notzru hen.

Ho ... ayin sh'chora hayta la
Or vatzel hitnagshu ba;
Al mitzcha ra'ad od *
Tal hayaldut malei hod.
Ho, Ima ... tal hayaldut malei hod.

Ho ... vayehi erev, vayehi leil,
Cheresh nashak tzel el tzel;
Az et liba masra lo -
Et kol liba masra lo.
Ho, Ima ... et kol liba masra lo.

Ho ... yad anuga hayta la ...


Oh ... she had a delicate hand
No man dared touch her;
Her two lips were crimson, charming;
Only for kisses were they made.
Oh, Mother ... only for kisses were they made.

Oh ... a black eye, she had
Light and shade clashed within it;
On her forehead, there still trembled
The freshness of youth, full of beauty.
Oh, Mother, the freshness of youth, full of beauty.

Oh ... and evening came, and night,
Silently, shadow kissed shadow;
Then, she gave her heart to him -
All her heart, she gave to him.
Oh, Mother ... all her heart, she gave to him.

Oh ... she had a delicate hand ...

Hebrew words

Yad Anuga is part of a longer, very famous poem by Zalman Shneur called Et Kol Liba Masra Lo (She Gave Him All Her Heart).
First published by Y.H. Brenner in his literary periodical Hame'orer which appeared in London in February 1906, a fact that was not even mentioned by Shneur himself. The song can be found in print with the notes of its well-known melody and in the memory of many people since the 1920s. However, by reading through correspondence between Brenner and his friends during the first decade of the century we find that the song was then sung to a different melody. The present project was begun a few years ago to try to ascertain whether there actually was an earlier melody and whether it can still be traced.
The article outlines the path followed by the authors - unpublished correspondence, published material and ongoing field work, inter-viewing many people - that led them to the discovery of as close a version of the "first melody" as possible, and also to learn about the conditions which made possible the connection between the words and the melody of "Yad Anuga" in Vilna, near the time of the poem's first publication.
The authors concluded that "Yad Anuga" "behaved" very much like other songs of its time: it was written and set to music in Europe at the beginning of the century. It then migrated to Eretz Israel as the poem of a famous young Zionist, becoming widespread in a melody adopted from the local repertoire. Later it was transported back to its "homeland" in its new form which completely overcame the first melody, becoming one of the well-known "pioneer" songs, and as such it returned to Eretz Israel.

*In the album notes, "ra'ad or" is written ... "light trembled"; but the original poem says "ra'ad od" (still trembled). Itís hard to hear the difference as itís sung and I think "od" is right.


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Words transliterated and translated by Daniel Shalev of Rishon Le Zion, Israel.
German translation by Thombo Burgess of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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Zarte Hand

Oh, sie hatte eine zarte Hand
Keiner wagte es, sie zu ber?hren,
das Paar ihrer Lippen
beide so lieblich
nur der K?sse wegen wurden sie geschaffen

Oh, sie hatte schwarze Augen
Licht und Schatten trafen sich darin
Auf ihrer Stirn spielte das Licht
Der Tau der Kindheit ist voller Pracht
Oh Mutter, der Tau der Kindheit ist voller Pracht

Ah, doch in jener klaren Nacht
Als der Schatten des Dickichts sie fortsp?lte
Da gab sie ihm ihr Herz
Damals gab sie ihm ihr ganzes Herz
Oh Mutter, ihr ganzes Herz gab sie ihm