ווו אהין 

Der Yid vert geyogt un geflogt
Nisht zikher iz far im yeder tog
Zayn lebn iz a finstere nakht
Zayn shtrebn alts far im iz farmakht
Farlozn bloyz mit sonim kayn fraynt
Kayn hofnung on a zikhern haynt

Vi ahin zol ikh geyn?
Ver kon entfern mir?
Vi ahin zol ikh geyn?
Az farshlosn z'yede tir
S'iz di velt groys genug
Nor far mir iz eng un kleyn
Vi a blik kh'muz tsurik
S'iz tsushtert yede brik
Vi ahin zol ikh geyn?

Yiddish - WHERE CAN I GO?

The Jew becomes rushed and flown
unsure is for him each day
his life is a sinister night
his aspirations, all is closed to him
Seems every door is closed for me. The Jew is persecuted at every turn, there is no room for him

Where can I go to?
Who can answer me?
Where can I go to?
When every door is locked
The world is big enough
Only to me it's small and crowded
like a glance I must go back.
each bridge is blocked
Where can I go to?

O. Strock
S. Korn-tuer
Cantor Zvee Aroni

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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