Tachzeri, tachzeri bevakashah mimech
ani lo mevakesh et hakol
astrologim omrim sheha'olam yithapech
im lo tachzeri zeh yihyeh nachon.

Tachzeri, tachzeri zo haytah ta'ut
kamah zman od tzarich leshalem
chashavti etmol al halailah hahu
al hayom bo samachnu yom shalem.

Hakol hayah yachol lihyot kacha o acheret
hakol yachol lehishtanot im tirtzi
ani loke'ach rakevet venose'a le'ever
hamakom shebo ulai timatz'i.

Tachzeri, ein im mi ledaber,
ein mi la'asot, ein et mi leshaker
mah la'asot
tachzeri, ein et mi lenashek,
ein im mi lechalek et hachayim sheli.

Tachzeri, tachzeri bevakashah mimech
ani sone et hako'ach shelach alai
hifsakti lishon baleilot biglalech
kvar nish'ar pit'om levad yoter midai.

Tachzeri, tachzeri hasha'ot cholfot
mitga'age'a kvar le'eizeh yom shaket
"atah ba iti o lo"
sha'alt al hachof
va'ani bacharti rak lefached.

Hakol hayah...


Come back, come back I'm begging you
I am not asking for everything.
Astrologers say the world will flip
if you don't come back, it'll be right.

Come back, come back it was a mistake
how much time does one still need to pay
Yesterday I thought of that night,
of the day we were happy all day long.

All could have been like this or different,
all can change if you want
I'm taking a train and going across
to the place in which you might be.

Come back, there's no one to speak with,
there's no one to trick, no one to lie to
what can be done
come back, there's no one to kiss,
there's no one to share my life with.

Come back, come back I'm begging you
I hate your power over me
I stopped sleep at night because of you
I suddenly remain alone too much by now.

Come back, come back, the hours pass
I am yearning for some quiet day already
"Are you coming with me or no"
you asked on the beach
and I chose only to be afraid.

All could have been...

Hebrew words

Shlomo Artzi
Shlomo Artzi
Eyal Golan & Arkadi Duchin
Va'ani Koreh Lach Track 3
Various CD's of Arkadi Duchin
Rafi Ziv 2011

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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