Al tishkechi she'amarti lach
al tishkechi
shehakol kvar yadu'a merosh
anu kan leha'avir et hazman
al tik'asi she'ahavt oti
al tik'asi
shirim shet'vulim besh'karim
he'enakti lach k'mo shoshanim

(Zehu) sof ha'olam, sof ha'olam
zeh hit'chil shehefsaknu lach'lom
shehefsaknu kvar lekavot

Yeled sinteti kavui
mul masach shedolek
tistakel al har'chov eich hu reik
kvar shachachnu eich lesachek
magefah orevet lanu bechol pinah
mechakah shenechta bemag'a
kvar shachachnu mah zot ahavah

Sof ha'olam...

Az tikach et hakadur sheya'if otcha
harchek mikan
basof yimtze'u otcha met
yich'tevu shehayita shotek
im metim rak yachlu ledaber mah hayita omer
hayita tzo'ek lekulam tistaklu,
zehu sof ha'olam...

Don't forget what I said to you
don't forget
that everything is already known in the mind
we're here to pass the time
don't be angry that you loved me
don't be angry
songs that are immersed in lies
I awarded you like roses

(This is) the end of the world, end of the world
it started when we stopped dreaming
as we stopped hoping anymore

A synthetic child is extinguished
in front of a lit screen
look at the street how it's empty
we already forgot how to play
a plague lurks at us in each corner
waiting that we will sin by touching
we alreaddy forgot what love is

End of the world...

So take the ball that will make you fly
far from here
at the end they'll find you dead
and write that you were quiet
if only the dead could speak what would you say
you'd yell to everyone to look,
it's the end of the world...

Hebrew words

Aviv Geffen
Aviv Geffen
Beri Sakharoff & Aviv Geffen

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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