Shuvi shuvi lapardes
ani od mechakeh
im haprichah hameshaga'at vehatzel hamefakeh.

At zocheret eich nif'gashnu kan
lifnei shanah
al yad hashiver hametaf'tef
hajeep sheli chanah -
stam yarad'ti lin'shom k'tzat
ul'sader t'arosh
k'tzat lish'kav im hatranzistor
tachat etz habrosh.

Shuvi shuvi lapardes...

At hofa'at pit'om bash'vil
im zer kalaniot
im hayalkut hamit'nadned
ve'einei marganiot -
k'tzat niv'halt bahat'chalah
ve'achar kach kvar lo,
hatranzistor hu edenu
mah ken umah lo

Shuvi shuvi lapardes...

At hiv'tacht lach'zor machar
be'otah sha'ah
ul'raglei habrosh yashavti
im bo hashki'ah -
im hashiver hametaf'tef
im halev hamitga'age'a

Shuvi shuvi lapardes...


Come back to the orchard
I'm still waiting
with the maddening bloom and the gushing shade.

You remember how we met here
a year ago
by the dripping faucet valve
my jeep was parked -
I just went down to breathe a little
and to settle my head
to lie down a bit with the radio
under the cypress tree.

Come back to the orchard...

You appeared suddenly on the path
with a wreath of anemones
with the swinging bag
and the eyes of pimpernel flowers -
you were a bit scared at the beginning
and later not anymore,
the radio is our witness
what's is and what isn't

Come back to the orchard...

You promised to return tomorrow
at the same time
and I sat under the cypress
with the coming of sunset -
with the dripping faucet valve
and the humming,
with the yearning heart
and the glimmers.

Come back to the orchard...

Hebrew words

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Meir Wiezltier
Yehudit Ravitz
Arik Sinai

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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