Hayom yazeh hu hat'chalah
bedaf chadash atah noge'a
bayom hazeh tisa t'filah
ted'a she'yesh mi sheshome'a
al tevater miyad
ve'yesh lecha mer'chak lalechet
al tevater miyad
im lo achshav ulai od shanah

Hayom hazeh hu hat'chalah
tach'shov atah yachol acheret
vehat'shuvah lashe'elah
betochecha hi mis'tateret
al tefached achshav
ki lo avdah lecha haderech
al tefached achshav
im lo hayom ulai od shanah

Olam muzar
kulo shelcha
k'shehatikvah balev bo'eret
yesh b'didut
yesh ke'ev
vehatikvah itcha nish'eret
al te'abed otah
tish'mor aleiha
mah yihyeh machar
ein ish yode'a

Hayom hazeh atah rishon
le'atzmecha atah bacharta
bayom hazeh hanitzachon
ve'etzem zeh she'lo nish'barta
al titya'esh achshav
ha'emunah otcha shomeret
al titya'esh achshav
gam im chalfah avrah od shanah

Olam muzar...


This day is a beginning
you touch a new page
on this day a prayer will be carried
know that there's someone listening
don't give up immediately
and you have a distance to go
don't give up immediately
if not now maybe in another year

This day is a beginning
think, you can do differently
and the answer to the question
is hiding within you
don't be scared now
because the path hasn't been lost to you
don't be scared now
if not today maybe in another year

Strange world
it's all yours
when the hope burns in the heart
there's loneliness
there's pain
but the hope stays with you
don't lose it
guard over it
what will be tomorrow
nobody knows

This day you are first
you chose for yourself
on this day the victory
and the main thing is that you didn't break down
don't be despair now
the faith guards you
don't be despair now
even if another year has passed

Strange world...

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English Translation   

Michael Vaknin
Shimon Buskilah
Miri Mesikah
Miri Messika Track 9

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
English translation by Kikar Israel.
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English translation
The Hope Song

That Day Is The Beginning
Youíre Touching A New Page
On That Day You Will Say A Prayer
Know That There Is Someone That Hears
Donít Give Up Right Away
And You Will Have A Way To Go
Donít Give Up Right Away
If Not Now Then Maybe In A Year

That Day Is The Beginning
Think You Can Do Different
And The Answer To The Question
Inside You Is Hiding
Don't Be Scared Now
Cause You Didn't Loose The Road
Don't Be Scared Now
If Not Today Then Maybe In A Year

Strange World
It Is Completely Yours
When Hope Is Burning In The Heart
There Is Loneliness
There Is Pain
And The Hope With You Will Remain
Don't Loose It
Protect It
And What Will Be Tomorrow
No Man Knows

That Day You Are First
You Choose It By Yourself
That Day The Victory
In The Fact That You Didnít Break Up
Don't Despair Now
The Faith Guards You
Don't Despair Now
Also If Another Year Has Passed Gone

Strange World..


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