SHIR HA'ME'AH - Ofra Haza

Zeh hashir layazam
Lim'shachlel hamutzar
La'eekar, laraftan hacholev

Zehu shir lam'handess,
Lamsartetet, la'sar
Ve'oto po nashir min halev.

Lim'tachnen hamatos
Lapoelet teksteel
Limnahelet mif'al hamasger
Le'yotzek haplada
Lakode'ach beteel
Lechol eleh
Nashir un'zamer

Havu zemer lapo'el
Shiru shir layatzranim
Lay'tzu'an zamru halel
Eich chalfu me'ah shanim
Havu zemer lamif'al,
Tnu kavod la'yetzirah
Shiru shir tikva gdolah
Lechayei hata'asiyah

Hachayim - avodah, avodah zeh chayim
Zeh lachmeinu
Mishnot dor vador
Nih'yeh am chacham
Vechazak vena'im
Al paneinu kol hatov ya'avor.

Zehu shir hashirim
Al me'ah shechalfah
Bah higanu beyachad
Ad kan
Kach nitz'ad yad beyad
Le'ever od me'ah
El atid atzma'ee ve'eitan


La'avodah vela'melachah
La'avodah vela'melachah



This is the song for the entrepreneur,
To the one who improves the product
To the farmer, to the dairyman

This is a song for the engineer,
The draftsman, the minister [govt.]
And here we'll sing it from the heart.

To the airplane planner,
To the textile worker
To the manager of the locksmith shop
To the one who casts the steel,
To the one who drills a missile
To all of these,
We sing and praise (in song)

Bring a song to the worker,
Sing a song to the manufacturers
Sing praise to the exporter,
How a hundred years have passed
Bring a song to the factory,
Give respect to the production
Sing a song of great hope
For the life of industry.

Life is work, work is life
This is our bread
From generation to generation
We will be a wise,
Strong and pleasant people
All good will come to us.

This is the song of songs
Of the past century
From the time we arrived together
To the present day
So we'll walk hand in hand
Toward another century
To an independent and strong future


To the work and to the craft
To the work and to the craft



Hebrew words

Effi Netzer
Effi Netzer
Ofra Haza
Shir Ha'me'ah
Shmulik Gov Ari 1990

Words transliterated by Rachel Isakowitz of Pasadena, California, USA.
Words translated by Howard Wachtel of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
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