SHIR ASIF (Perach Badmibar)

HARVEST SONG (A Flower in the Desert)

Et hasadeh tik'tzor,
Et hag'panim tiv'tzor,
Ve'et hake'ev hazeh tin'tzor
Le'et sharav.

Ki gam had'vash sheyechasef -
Levetach ye'aseif
El toch hazman hamitkalef

Bevo hakayitz el hastav
Lehe'asef el avotav
Tir'deh et kol ahavotav

Vetish'taker veteparper,
Achar kach toter,
Achar kach yoter

The fields you'll reap
The grapes you'll harvest -
And this pain you'll save
For the heatwave.

For even the honey that's revealed
Will surely be gathered
Into time that peels its rind
From its bindings.

When summer into autumn passes
To be gathered unto its fathers,
You'll repress all its loves
To dimmest consciousness.

And you'll be drunk and flutter there:
Afterwards yet shall you remain,
Afterwards yet shall the pain
Hurt even more.


שיר אסיף - פרח במדבר

Hebrew words

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Words transliterated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Words translated by Gila Ansell Brauner of Jerusalem, Israel.
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