Rachem. Rachem Na Hashem Elokeinu.
Rachem al Yisrael Amecha, Rachem
Ve'al Yerushalayim Ir-echa
Rachem, Rachem, Rachem
Al tzion mishkan kevodecha
Ve'al malchut beit David meshichecha
Ve'al habayit ha'gadol ve'hakadosh
Rachem, Rachem, Rachem


Have Mercy Hashem our G-d
On Israel Your people
On Jerusalem Your city
Mercy, Mercy, Mercy
And on Zion, the resting place of Your glory
And on the monarchy of the house of David, Your anointed.
And on the great and holy House
Mercy, Mercy, Mercy


Bircat Hamazon - Third Blessing
Yaakov Shwekey
Yaakov Shwekey Track 7

Words transliterated and translated by Daniella Tamir of London, UK.
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