Ani yoshev achshav karov el hashamayim
Menaseh limtzo tshuvot lashe'ela
Al haderech gam choletz ta'na'alayim
Chayalim achshav ozvim et hamerkava
Ken, ani yoshev sham, choshev
Ktzat alayich, lehach'iv me'at lalev
Et hamishpat haba at betach makira
Yom-yomayim ani ba bechazara

Nigmar, nigmar... Nigmar?

Ubaderech ksheyatzanu el habayit
Az atzarnu bafalafel bapina
Ve'anashim sham histaklu, mach'u kapayim
"hagiborim shelanu", amru be'ahava
Ve'ani omed sham, mistater
Ktzat gadol alay lihiyot ze sheshomer
Ubein bis lebis ola bi machshava
Le'azazel, kama giborim yesh ba'medina..

Nigmar, nigmar...

Ume'az efshar limnot kim'at shnatayim
Vehayom ani asuk be'hashlama
Be'od rega kvar eshma et hakapayim
Ve'az etz'ak bechol kochi mehabama
Ve'im shom'im, im makshivim
Od efshar limtzo ke'ev bein hamilim
Umavtiach lo echtov al ze yoter
Rak bapa'am haba'a she'eshaver

Nigmar, nigmar..

Yesh medina achat al yad Yerushalayim
Sham adayim mishtolelet milchama
Ki anashim sham me'abdim et ha'einayim
Lo mechakim legiborim be'af pina..

Nigmar, nigmar..

I now sit close to the sky
Trying to find answers to the question
taking off my shoes
soldiers are now leaving the tank
Yes, I sit there, thinknig...
about you- a little, to cause the heart to ache a bit..
You probably know the next sentence-
In a day or too I'm coming back..

It's over.. over..

And on our way back home
we stopped at a falafel stand
and people there looked and clapped their hands
"our heroes" they said with love
and I stand there, hiding,
a bit too much for me, being the one who guards..
and for bite to bite a thought rises..
damn, how many heroes we have here..

It's over... over..

And from then, you can count almost 2 years
and today I'm dealing with acceptance
In a moment I'll hear the cheering..
and then I'll shout from the stage with all my might
and if you hear.. if you listen
you can still find pain between the lines
and I promise not to write about it anymore
only in the next time that if I'll break..

It's over, over..

There's a land, near Jerusalem
where a war is still raging
because people lose their mind there..
not waiting for heroes in any corner


Hebrew words


Idan Amedi
Idan Amedi
Idan Amedi

Words transliterated and translated by Yuval Peleg of Tel Aviv, Israel.
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