Bamakom shehayom nigmar
Bizman shehalev matchil
Layla chozer umitgaber
Venisgarim ma’agalim

Yesh tnu’a meduma
Verakavot chotzot harim
Bachazarah lanekudah
Ba nisgarim ma’agalim

Ma’agalim, ma’agalim
Eich she’anachnu nish’arim
Basivuvim shel hachayim
Ne’echazim be’anashim

Ma’agalim, ma’agalim
Eich she’anachnu nish’arim
Mit’orerim leyom chadash
Chozrim veshuv menasim

Ulai halayla nisha’er
Im shuv tavo’i levaker
Ha’adinut shelanu yachad
Yesh ba mashe’hu mesanver

Lehizarek et toch halayla
Lehishtaker me’or acher
Lehitnapetz el hachayim
Leha’amin, lo levater


At the point the day comes to an end
At the time the heart starts
Night is getting darker
And circles close

Imaginary movements
Trains cross mountains
Back to the point
Where circles close

Circles, circles
How do we stay
In life’s turns
Holding on to people

Circles, circles
How do we stay
Waking up to a new day
Coming back to try again

Maybe tonight we will stay
If you will come to visit again
Our gentle togetherness
Has something dazzling

To be thrown into the night
To get drunk from another light
To be shattered against life
To believe and not give up



Hebrew words

Idan Raichel
Idan Raichel
Idan Raichel
Gadi Bitton

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Translated for Gadi Bitton, HORA Israeli Dancing School, Melbourne, Australia, Camp 2016
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