Lechah Eli te'shukati,
Bechah cheshki ve'ahavati

Lechah libi vechilyotai,
lechah ruchi venishmati

Lechah yadai lecha raglai,
U'mimach hee te'chunati

Lechah atsmi
Lecha dami ve'ori im geviyati

Lechah einai vera'ayonai
Vets'urati vetavniti

Lechah ruchi lecha kochi
vemivtachi vetikvati

Lechah eheme ve'lo edmeh
adei ta'ir et afelati

Lechah ez'ak becha ed'bak
Adei shuvi le'admati

Lechah malchut lecha ge'ut,
Lechah te'ot tehilati

Lechah ezra be'et tsarah,
He'yeh ezri be'tsarati

U'ma ani u'ma chaiai
U'ma cochi ve'otsmati

Ke'kash nidaf me'od nehedaf
Ve'eich tizkor meshugati

Ve'or ganuz lefaneicha
Yehi sitri ve'sukati

Ve'tahat tsel k'nafeicha
T'na na et mehitsati

To you my God is my passion,
In you is my desire and love

To you is my heart and my kidneys,
To you is my spirit and my breath

To you are my hands to you are my legs,
and from you is my character

To you myself to you
Is my blood and my skin with my body

To you are my eyes
And my ideas and my shape and my form

To you is my spirit to you my strength
And my trust and my hope

To you I'll sob and not resemble
until you will illuminate my darkness

To you I'll call for, to you I'll cling
Until my return to my land

To you is kingship to you is tide,
To you is my craving adoration

To you is help in time of trouble,
Be my help when I'm in trouble

And what am I and what is my life
And what is my strength and my power

As a fallen straw pushed aside,
And how will you remember my mistake

And hidden light in front of you
Let it be my hideout and my abode

And under your wing's shade
Please allow my presence


לך אלי תשוקתי

Hebrew words

The clip

Rabbi Avraham Ibn Ezra
Meir Banai
Meir Banai

Words transliterated and translated by Eliran of Petach Tikva, Israel.
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