Etzlenu bichfar Todra
shebelev harey ha'atlas

Hayu lokchim et hayeled
shehigia legil chamesh

Keter prachim osim lo
etzlenu bichfar Todra

Keter al rosh malbishim
lo kshehigia legil chamesh
Kol hayeladim barechov
chagiga gdola orchim lo
Kshehigia legil chamesh
etzlenu bichfar Todra

Ve'az et chatan hasimcha
shehigia legil chamesh
etzlenu bichfar Todra
Machnisim levet hakneset

Vekotvim al lu'ach shel etz bidvash
mealef ve'ad taf

Et kol haotiyot bidvash veomrim lo:
"chabibi, lakek"
Ve'az hatora shebape metuka
kmo ta'am shel dvash

Etzlenu bichfar Todra shebelev harey ha'atlas

Here in the village of Todra
in the heart of the Atlas mountains

They would take the child
that reached the age of five

They would put a crown of flowers on his head
in our village of Todra

A crown would be put on his head
when he reached the age of five.
All the children in the street
would put on a party for him
When he turned five
in our village of Todra

Then the "groom of the celebration"
(who turned five
in our village of Todra)
would be taken to the synagogue

The alphabet would be written
on a wooden board in honey
from A to Z (aleph to taf)

All the honeyed letters would call to him:
"lick us, friend"
So the torah in his mouth would be as sweet
as the taste of honey

In our village Todra that is in the Atlas mountains.

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Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Thanks to Eva Broman of Sweden for the JUF article link
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