Hadrorim korim kulam
Al gago shel haolam
Va-anachnu mezamrim alpayim
Yedidi agav orcha
Kol hachag haze shelkha
Kach oto sa'ehu al kapayim

Yisrael sheli chogeget
Venava umitmogeget
Hee od tachagog yovel alpayim
Yisrael sheli chogeget
Chalomot k'chulim oreget
Veshirai sheli parvayim

Vehair sheli yafa
Veha'aretz bi tzofa
Magisha li dvash vegam tapuach
Tov li tov ve yesh li pnai
Vehasheket be'einai
Va'ani pitom kol kakh batuach

Yisrael sheli chogeget. . .

Histakli haerev kan
Mechake lakh belavan
Ze hachag shelkha ve gam shelanu
Hu yishak lakh al lekhyekh
Va'anachnu nekhayech
Kama tov shead lekhan higanu

Yisrael sheli chogeget . . .


All the swallows are calling
From the roof of the world
And we sing of two thousand years
And by the way, my friend,

This whole festival is yours
Take it--lift it on your shoulders

My Israel celebrates
Beautiful in her delight
She will celebrate two thousand years
My Israel celebrates
Weaving blue dreams
And my songs are spun in gold

And my town is beautiful
And the land gazes back at me
Blessing me with honey and with apples
My life is good and I have time to myself
And my eyes are tranquil
And suddenly I feel so sure

My Israel celebrates . . .

Look--the evening is here
Awaiting you in white
This is your celebration and ours
It will kiss you on your cheeks
And we will smile and say
How good that we have come this far.

My Israel celebrates . . .

ישראל שלי חוגגת
Hebrew words

Dudu Barak
Moni Amarillo
Ilan & Ilanit
The Best of Ilanit Track 21
Roni Siman Tov 1998

Words transliterated and translated by Chaya Tabak of Cleveland Heights, Ohio, USA.
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