Im telech mi yechabek oti kacha
mi yishma oti besof hayom
mi yenachem veyargi'a
rak ata yode'a

Ve’im telech lemi achake bachalon
besimla shel chag
sheyagi'a, yechabek oti kacha,
kmo she’ata magia

K’shetelech lashemesh etze,
basade hamuzhav, boker va’erev
yare'ach ya'ir et panai
shecholmot kol hayom alecha

tisa oti bishtei yadecha,
misade lanahar,
tirchotz et panai vetagid li milim
l'mo sherak ata yode'a


If you leave who will hug me like this
who will listen to me at the end of the day
who will console and calm me
as only you know how

And if you leave who will I wait for by the window
in a festive dress
to come hug me so,
when you arrive

When you leave go, I'll go out to the sun,
in the golden field, morning and evening,
the moon will light up my face
which dreams all day long of you

When you come back,
you'll carry me in your arms,
from the field to the river,
you'll wash my face and tell me words
as only you know how

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Many thanks to Jim Rust for helping with the translation, selecting the most suitable idiomatic expressions to bring out this song's special character.

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Idan Raichel
Idan Raichel
DinDin Aviv
Idan Raichel's Project Track 3
Meir Shem Tov
Demonstrated by Meir Shem Tov and Eileen Weinstock

Words transliterated by Ayelet Bukai of Sunnyvale, California, USA.
Words translated by Vered Klinghofer of Chicago, Illinois, USA.
Portuguese translation by Tatiana Kielberman of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Alt. English translation by Ori of Tel Aviv, Israel.
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Se voc? partir

Se voc? partir, quem ir? me abra?ar dessa forma?
Quem me ouvir? ao final do dia?
Quem ir? me confortar e me acalmar como apenas voc? sabe fazer?

E se voc? partir, por quem esperarei na janela, com um vestido de festa, para chegar e me abra?ar, assim como voc? sempre faz?

Quando voc? partir, vou sair para ver o sol no campo dourado, de manh? e ? noite.

A lua iluminar? meu rosto cujos sonhos s?o dedicados o dia inteiro ? voc?.

Quando voc? voltar, me carregar? com as duas m?os, do campo ao riacho, enxugar? as l?grimas de minha face e pronunciar? palavras assim como s? voc? sabe fazer.

Alt. English

If You'll Leave

If you’ll leave, who shall hold me this way?
Who will give heed when day ends?
Who shall comfort and calm me?
Only you know how…

If you’ll leave, who shall I wait for in the window in a festive dress?
Who, when he comes, shall hold me that way, like you always do?

When you’ll leave I shall head out to the sun, on the golden field, from dawn to night time
A moon will strike my dreaming face which long for you all day.

When you’ll return you’ll carry me in your arms from the field to the river,
Wash my face and tell me words
That only you know how…