Hi yoda'at, anashim tamid omrim lah
anashim rak mit'arvim lah
mah lil'bosh, mah le'echol
mah nachon, mah lo nachon

Melach'shim mah hem choshvim
meshat'fim mah hem rotzim
eich asur, kamah mutar
im efshar o i efshar

Ta'asi vetel'chi, til'medi
vetir'i eich berega,
berega kov'shim ta'olam
titz'rechi, tish'teki
rak tavo'i, bo'i chizri elai

Ken, hi yoda'at
shehu tamid mak'shiv lah
shehu zeh shemar'eh lah
mar'eh et ha'emet, mah lakachat mah latet
ve'im atah shome'a ulai atah yode'a
eich mam'shichim mikan

Ta'asi vetel'chi, tilmadi...

She knows, people always tell her
people just interfere with her
what to wear, what to eat
what is right, what is not right

They whisper what they think
they take part in as they want
how is it forbidden, how much is allowed
if it's possible or not

You shall do and go, learn
and you'll see how in a moment,
in a moment one captures the world
scream out, be quiet,
just come, come, return to me

Yes, she knows
that he always listens to her
that he's the one showing her
showing her the truth, what to take what to give
and if you're listening, maybe you know
how one continues from here

You shall do and go, learn...

Hebrew words

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Ninet Tayeb & Ayeli Botner
Ninet Tayeb & Ayeli Botner
Ninet Tayeb

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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