Yesh isha gdola mehachayim
yesh chushim sheyesh rak la
Yesh ksamim veyesh yamim kashim
Uvama shehi kula shela

Lamalachim diva hi imperia al habama
diva hi histeria
Hi kula shir ahava

Viva naria
viva victoria afrodita
viva la diva viva victoria cleopatra

Yesh nashim gdolot mehachayim
hen isu tfila lelo milim



There is a woman bigger than life
there are senses that she possess
There's magic and there are hard days
and a stage that belongs only to her

To the angels diva is an empire on the stage
diva is hysteria
She is a love song all over

Viva, we'll cheer
Viva victoria and Afrodite
Viva diva viva victoria and cleopatra

There are women bigger than life
they will carry a prayer without words

To the angels................

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Yoav Ginai
Tzvika Pik
Dana International
Roni Siman Tov 1998

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
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