Chofim hem lif'amim ga'agu'im lenachal.
Ra'iti pa'am chof
shenachal azavo
Im lev shavur shel chol va'even.
Veha'adam, veha'adam
Hu lif'amim gam ken yachol lehisha'er
Natush uvli kochot, mamash k'mo chof.

Gam hatz'dafim,
k'mo chofim, k'mo haru'ach
Gam hatz'dafim hem lif'amim ga'agu'im
Levayit shetamid ahavnu.
Asher hayah verak hayam
Shar levado sham et shirav.
Kach bein tzid'fei libo shel ha'adam,
sharim lo ne'urav.

Maya Buskila verse:
Ten li t'akoach
et halev shuv lifto'ach
lekabel lo livro'ach
lo lif'chod
ve'af pa'am lo lishko'ach t'aderech
ta'amin lo be'erech
velitz'od baderech shuv k'mo melech
vetamid lehitzamed el hatikvah
k'mo ru'ach, mit'halech kol kach batu'ach
lo uchal lishko'ach, lo livro'ach
velalechet hal'ah k'mo kulam

Chofim hem lif'amim...


Shores are sometimes yearning to the river.
I once saw a shore
That the river had abandoned
With a broken heart of sand and stone
And man, and man
Can sometimes also end up
Abandoned and without strength, just like a shore.

Also shells,
Just like shores and the wind
Also shells are sometimes yearning
The home we have always loved
When it was and only the sea
Sings there by itself its songs
Thus, between the shellsof man's heart
his youth sings to him.

Give me the strength
to open my heart again
to accept not to run away
not to fear
and never to forget the way
believe, not approximately
and to march on the way again like a king
and always be near to the hope
like wind, walking so confidently
I will not be able to forget or run away
and to go on like everyone

Shores are sometimes...

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Also sung by:
Chani Livneh
Lehakat Hanacha"l
Alt. English translation

Nathan Jonathan
Nachum Heiman
Chava Alberstein
Arik Einstein
Maya Buskila
Shlishiat Hama'afil
The Early Years Vol.5, Chava Alberstein CD Track 5
Yossi Abuhav 1986

Words transliterated and translated by Heidi Cazes de Sevilla of Mexico City, Mexico.
Spanish translation by Heidi Cazes de Sevilla of Mexico City, Mexico.
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Las riberas a veces extra?an el r?o
Una vez vi una ribera
que el r?o abandon?
Con el coraz?n roto de arena y piedra
Y el hombre,
A veces tambi?n puede quedarse sin fuerzas,
Igual como la ribera.

Tambi?n las conchas,
como las riberas, como el viento
Tambi?n las conchas a veces extra?an
El hogar que siempre amamos
En ese entonces
Y s?lo el mar
Canta solitario ah? sus canciones
As? entre las conchas el coraz?n
del hombre canta sobre su juventud.


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