Chazarti habaitah ach'rei esrim shanah
bemabat rishon davar lo hish'tanah
shnei susim k'shurim le'etz hate'enah
karton al habeton im "chetz lachatunah"

Rakafot ot'fot zerei sla'im kehim
sh'luliot mekar'kerot et shir hatzfarde'im
haz'kenim yoshvim bachutz umedabrim
s'falim s'dukim shel teh, biscuitim im chorim

Aval le'an ne'elmu hayeladim
shesichakti itam
eifo kol hayeladim
eifo hem kulam
mi lakach li otam

Tarnegolot, parot ufo vesham k'vasim
shafan bore'ach k'mo shafan letoch hapar'desim
mar'vad til'tan ratuv notzetz be'or yarok
shu'al shak'ran bocheh bevadi lo rachok

Aval le'an ne'elmu hayeladim...

I returned home after twenty years
at first glance nothing changed
two horses tied to a fig tree
a carton on the concrete pointing to the wedding

Cyclamen enveloping wreaths of dark stones
puddles cluck the song of frogs
the old men sit outside and talk
cracked cups of tea, biscuits with holes

But where did the kids disappear to
with whom I played
where are all the kids
where are they all
who took them from me

Chickens, cows and here and there are sheep
a rabbit runs away like a rabbit into orchards
a wet clover carpet glows in a green light
a lying fox crying in the wadi not far away

But where did the kids disappear to...

Photo of Artist & Hebrew words

Yehonatan Geffen
David Broza / Natan Cohen For Himself
David Broza
Ronit Ophir
Natan Cohen
Stolen Kiss - Neshika Gnuva Track 1
Masada - Live (1993) Track 6

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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