D'vareicha olim bi barega shel lailah
kor'im chalonot benafshi
mar'ot bish'nati nosim oti hal'ah
sh'nati hi shelcha, lo sheli.

Ofot torfim ve'ein gam halailah
miklat o chaver letzidi
ani shelahem vehem mechapsim bi
yaldah shemizman kvar eini.

Lo emtza menuchah afilu balailah
ein li mi shechas al kochi
gam beboker chadash
ani od noshemet t'munot
vekolot shel ish bogdani.

Nashim shepagashti be'emtza halailah
shamarti amok betochi
zacharti otan ve'et mah shehayah ban
hu ha'of hapoked et leili.

Lo emtza menuchah...

Your words burden me in a night's moment
tearing up windows of my soul,
the scenes in my sleep carry me farther
my sleep is yours, not mine.

Birds prey on me and tonight there's not even
a shelter or friend by my side.
I am theirs and they are looking for me,
the girl that I haven't been for some time.

I won't find rest even at night,
there's no one to pity my strength
even in a new morning
I still breathe images
and voices of a betraying man.

Women that I met in the middle of the night,
I kept deep within me
I remembered them and what was in them
the bird that visits my night.

I won't find rest...

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See also http://www.bu.edu/hillel/kol_echad/music/translation/begida.shtml

Yael Tevet
Rami Kleinstein

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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