Im telech, telech ve'al tachzor yoter,
im tavo, tavo elai kedei lehisha'er.
She'atah iti atah mavtiach li shamayim
va'ani choshevet eich matzati li chaver.
Atah zorek milah aval mastir mimeni shtayim,
kshelibcha - ani yoda'at - bemakom acher.

Im lo yad'ata az teda,
Bechol isha, yesh gam yaldah
velif'amim hi avudah biladecha.
Ach im tifga bah beyaldah,
hi tahafoch lihyot shedah,
Shetekatzer et nishmatcha ve et chayecha.

Im telech, hadelet shuv lo tipatach,
im tavo, od yesh sikui she eslach.
Kshe atah iti atah osef oti elecha
Va'ani choshevet eizeh gever amiti
Uvetoch hachashecha koret bishtei eiynecha
She'atah kan velibcha rachok velo iti.


If you will go, go and don't come back no more,
if you will come, come to me to stay.
When you're with me, you promise me the sky
and I think what a boyfriend I found myself.
You throw a word but hide two from me,
Your heart - I know - is in another place.

If you didn't know then know this,
in every woman, there's also a girl
and sometimes she's lost without you.
But if you hurt the girl,
she'll turn to be a demon,
that will shorten your soul and your life.

If you will go, the door will not be opened again,
if you will come, I may still forgive you.
When you're with me, you gather me to you
and I think what a real man
and in the midst of darkness I read in your eyes,
that you're here and your heart is far and not with me.

Hebrew words

Uzi Chitman
Yosi Ben David
Sarit Hadad
La'asot Mah Sheba Li (Doing What I Want) Track 4

Words transliterated by Erik Alberts of Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Words translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
With thanks to Josif Tcheresharov of Sofia Bulgaria for his contribution
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