Avinu malkeinu Elokai bore olam
karev beineinu veten ahavat chinam
eleicha hamelech bochen halevavot
kar'anu al berech shetechaber bein hak'tzavot

Avinu malkeinu t'filateinu tekabel
barech et beiteinu ten shalom at Yisrael
taher et libeinu shened'a rak ahavah
ve'et yadeinu male befarnasah tovah
ve'et yadeinu male befarnasah tovah

Lechan hig'anu ein lanu makom acher
Yisrael shelanu ume'al atah shomer
im noshit yadaim venihyeh me'uchadim
yipat'chu shamaim lekolam shel yeladim

Avinu malkeinu t'filateinu tekabel...


Our father our king My God creator of the world
make us closer to each other and give free love
to you (our) King, the examiner of hearts
we kneeled down so that you may join the ends

Our father our king, receive our prayer
bless our house, give peace over Israel
purify our hearts, so that we may know only love
and fill our hands with good livelihood
and fill our hands with good livelihood

We arrived here, we don't have another place
Israel is ours, and you guard from above
if we extend our hands and we'll be united
the heavens will be opened to children's voices

Our father our king, receive our prayer...

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Hebrew: Yosi Gispan Orig. Unknown
Stalos & Oren Chen
Victor Gabay 2004

Words transliterated and translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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