Bid'rachim rabot halachnu
lechapes kurtov emet
lo hasasti milin'gos bo
bema'adan hachet
lo matz'anu et atzmeinu
ein od ta'am lekachesh
hatarbut hazot lo lanu
hi belibeinu esh

Va'ani hakatan
hashefel shebein kulam
omed po nir'ad venid'ham
va'ani hakatan
ha'acharon sheba'am
omed po nir'gash venif'am

Ki atah kadosh
veshimcha kadosh
k'doshim kol yom
Yehalelucha selah!

Bakaleh nif'sad hachomer
nschash hachush od mi'shaker
kshe'otzmim et ha'einaim
sof ha'emet lehitba'er.

Vekasheh lit'fos hasechel,
gam hadimyon po me'achzev
aval yesh shalit la'esek
ve'otanu hu ohev

Va'ani hakatan...


There are many paths we travel,
To seek a drop of truth.
I didn't hesitate to nibble
At the delicacies of sin.
We couldn't discover
a single taste to ignore.
This culture wasn't for us,
It was a fire in our hearts.

And I am the child,
The least of everything,
I stand here trembling and amazed.
And I am the child,
The last in the nation,
I stand here flustered and thrilled.

Because you are holy
And your name is holy
Holy every day,
You will be praised, selah!

The temporary material is wasted,
The instinct of the snake is to lie,
When I close my eyes,
Finally the truth becomes clear.

It difficult to comprehend common sense,
And imagination is disappointing as well,
But there is a Leader to do the job,
And He loves us.

And I am the child...

אתה קדוש
Hebrew words

Adi Ran
Adi Ran
Adi Ran
(Alternate version: Itzik Eshoel)
(Alternate version: Yeshivat Shalavim)

Words transliterated and translated by Marc Gottlieb of Neve Daniel, Israel.
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