(The song starts with the Hebrew prayer for the dead)

Verse 1
Merachok hu shomea
tfilot bet hakneset male

Hanerot hadolkim
reach erev shabat shuv ole

Ech kulam hitga-u bo
hayeled imkol hazahav

Vehasof kmo bikrav avud - soger alav

Ve'imo lachasha latinok
shera-ad uvacha

"od tir-eh lechulanu
tihey ga-ava mikolcha"

Vehasof kmo bikrav avud soger alav

Ech hu shar, ech hu shar
Hem rakdu misvivo
beteruf hu haya meushar

Ech hu shar ech hu shar
Ma nish-ar mehazohar
mikol hashirim ma nishar

Verse 2
Hem sagdu lo kmo el
hu haya sach hakol ben adam

Hakolot sheshama
bashchuna nemogim le-itam

rak hapachad hahu
halavan beorkav mitpatel

Hu chashav sheyamri ito - lo vehu nofel

Ech hu shar....

Verse 1
From far away he hears
the prayers coming from a full synagogue

The candles are lit
and the smell of the eve of the Sabath is rising

Everybody was proud of him -
the child with the golden voice

And the end - like a lost battle - closes in on him.

His mother whispered to the baby
who was shaking and crying

"You will see,
your voice will bring us great pride"

The heat from his Dad's hand as he sang and the fire in his eyes
And the end- like a lost battle - closes in on him.

How he sings, how he sings,

They danced around him
in ecstacy he was so happy.

How he sings , how he sings,
What is left from the glamour
and all the songs that he sang

Verse 2
They worshiped him like a God,
but he was only a human being

The voices he heard
in the neighbourrhood quietened slowly

Only that white fear
is winding in his veins

He wanted to fly with it but he fell.

How he sings.............

SINGER Danny Robas
LYRICS Dan Almagor
MUSIC  Danny Robas
From the Jewish Music.com website

Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia.
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