Im od hachoshech rav ve'ein kochav li
Ve'im hayam go'esh
al toren sfinati
hadliki, ima, shoshana shel esh.

Ve'im hachviro ad bli s'chok shamaim
vechut hashachar dak
hoshiti yad chamah, brachini, ima,
velev el lev yechazek.

Kipat zahav me'al,
tach'tei t'hum vedmi
Sa'eni gal, sani gal,
el eretz chalomai,
Sa'eni betvunah
veal tish'al na mah li.
Tsipor ktanah, tsipor ktanah,
be'ofek machakah li.

Im kalati bechalomah toferet
kutonet le'ehov,
neshikah cheresh al mitschah, ho ima
imri la ki ashuv.

Ve'im tish'al mah hanativ bayam li,
vema li atsoded
hagidi la: Minchat p'laim, ho ima
lerach sheyevaled.

If it's quite dark and there's no star out for me,
and if the sea is stormy
On the bow of my ship,
Mother, light a torch.

If the playful sky is pale
the ribbon of dawn is thin,
Give me your warm hand, bless me, mother.
And a heart will strengthen a heart.

Above a golden canopy,
Beneath an unending abyss.
Carry me, o wave, carry me,
to the land of my dreams.
Carry me in wisdom
and do not ask me why.
A little bird, a little bird
waits for me on the horizon.

If my bride is stitching in her dream,
a shirt to love,
a secret kiss on her forehead, oh Mother,
tell her that I'll return.

And if she'll ask what's my path in the sea,
and what will I turn aside tell her:
Offering of miracles, oh Mother,
to the soft one that will bear children.



Hebrew words

Note: The song was featured in short movie called "Weekend Leave" directed by Eytan Fox.
Another translation of the movie title is "Time Off".

LYRICS Rafael Eliez
MUSIC Sasha Argov
SINGER Arik Einstein
CD Good Old Eretz Israel Vol.3   Track 3

English lyrics by Gabriel Shivers of Germany
Words transliterated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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