Yesh lanu tayish.
Latayish yesh zakan.
Velo arba raglayim
Vegam zanav katan.

La la la, la la la
La la la la la

Yesh lo karnayim
Karnayim lingo'ach.
Yesh lo telafayim
Liv'ot velivro'ach.

La la la....

Alternate chorus:
Bamakel, basargel,
Ma sheba layad.

We have a goat.
The goat has a beard.
And he has 4 legs
And also a small tail.

La la la, la la la
La la la la la

He has two horns
Horns to butt with.
He has hooves
To kick and to run away.

La la la ...

Alternate chorus:
With a stick, with a ruler,
Whatever you have at hand.


Click here for the pdf file in Hebrew by Malka Tishcler

LYRICS Yitzchak Alterman
MUSIC Folk - children's song
SINGER Ofra Haza (& others)
CD Ofra Haza Liyladim
Ofra Haza Songs for Children

Song words transliterated and translated by Malka Tischler of New York

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