Hakol taluy barosh
Hakol taluy bamo'ach
Lo menasa lizchor
Ma she'efshar lishko'ach
Hazman over maher
Ve'ein le'an livro'ach
Chaval al kol daka
She'ani stam mafsida

Halachti el harav
Amar mitzvah lismo'ach
Hashemesh hagdola
Natna bi et hako'ach
Ganan echad nechmad
Limed oti lifro'ach
Yashavti li lachshov
Ma ya'ase li tov

Hakol be'ahava
Hakol be'osher
Hakol taluy barosh
Kvar mehaboker
Yalda shel ahava
Ossa shtuyot gam bli sibah

Yalda shel ahava
Maspik lo perach
Lechabek otcha
Be'or yare'ach
Yalda shel ahava
teshage'a otcha

Hakol taluy barosh
Hakol taluy baregesh
Yesh li chalomot
Gdolim betoch hanefesh
Lachsof et ha'olam
Laga'at bashamayim
Lichyot verak lichyot
Vechol hash'ar shtuyot

Hakol be'ahava...

Yalda shel ahava...
It all depends on your head
it all depends on your brain
I don't try to remember
what can be forgotten.
Time passes by fast,
and there's nowhere to run away to,
it's a waste of each minute,
that I lose for naught.

I went to the rabbi,
he said it's a duty to rejoice,
the great big sun
gave me the strength
one nice gardener
taught me to bloom
I sat down to think
what will do me good.

All in love,
all in bliss,
it all depends on your head,
from the morning,
child of love
does nonsense without a reason.

Child of love
a flower is enough
to hug you
in the light of the moon
child of love
will drive you crazy.

It all depends on your head
it all depends on your feelings,
I have great dreams,
inside my spirit,
to expose the world,
to touch the sky,
to live, and just to live,
and all the rest's just nonsense.

Hakol be'ahava...

Yalda shel ahava...



Hebrew words

LYRICS David Zigman
MUSIC Zvika Pik
SINGER Sarit Hadad
CD Child Of Love   Track 9
Transliteration by Diana Winokur of Bielefeld, Germany
English translation by George Jacubovitz of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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