Ben lu hayah li
Yeled katan
Shchor taltalim venavon
Le'echoz beyado
velifsoa le-at
Bishvilei hagan
Yeled katan

Uri ekra lo
Uri sheli
Rach vetsalul ha shem hakatsar
Resis neharah
Leyaldi hashcharchar
Uri ekra lo
Uri ekra

Od etmarmer kerachel
Od etpalel kechanah beShiloh
(Od) Achakeh Lo

I wish I had a son
A little boy
Bright, with black curly hair
I would take his hand in mine
And stroll slowly, slowly
Through the garden
Little boy

Uri, I'd call him
My Uri!
How gentle and clear this tiny name
A glimmer of joy
For my little boy,
Uri, I'd call him
Uri, I'd call

But I still bitter as Rachel
I am still praying as Hannah in Shiloh,
I am still waiting for him.
I will


Hebrew words

MUSIC Noa (Achinoam Nini) & Gil Dor
SINGER Noa (Achinoam Nini)
CD Achinoam Nini & The Israel Philharmonic Orchestra  Track 4

Words sent in by Emilia Galindo of Barcelona, Spain.
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