Umatai yavo aleinu eizeh boker chinani,
sheyits'hal lo mul paneinu, stam boker chaychani,
vesimchat pit'om mehamemet bli hoda'ah mukdemet
temale shuv et libenu ksheyavo aleinu.

Ad matai haru'ach tasi'a
ananim vede'agot,
umatai yashuv lehotsi'a
stam yom ta'anugot,
yom bli etsev, yom bli pachad,
kol ha'aretz mityapachat
kmo yaldah ktanah zo'eket:
tnu lichyot besheket.

Hi zo'eket: ahavuni!
Milchamah al na telamduni
et ahav'techem har'uni
tnu ligdol besheket!

Mah karah layalduteinu
hayafah vehatmimah,
mi yavi shalom aleinu
ve'al pnei ha'adamah,
haprachim yashuvu lifro'ach,
venashuv lits'hol ulismo'ach,
im ha'or ve'im hatchelet,
tnu lichyot kmo yeled.
And when will come upon us some graceful morning
that will shout for joy in front of us, just a cheerful,smiling morning
and joy will suddenly daze (us) without an early notice
it will fill once again fill our heart as it will come upon us.

Until when will the wind carry
cloud and worry
and when will it return to offering
just a day of delights
day without sadness, day without fear,
the whole Land sobs
like a small girl screams out
let live in silence.

She screams out: love me!
of war do not teach me
show me your love
let me grow up in stillness!

What happened to our youth,
the beautiful and naive
who will bring peace upon us
and onto the land
the flowers will return to bloom
and we will return to shout in joy,
with the light and the clear blue sky,
let one live like a child.



Hebrew words

LYRICS Yankele Rotblit
MUSIC Shlomi Shabat
SINGER Shlomi Shabat with Arutz Hayeladim
CD Love Time Track 15

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Words transliterated & translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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