Im beged pashut u'ferach bar atah mehalech
kach le'itcha
levad levad, ben hashvilim
chalomcha hayachid kmo kochav
boded lo ei-sham bamerchav
u'vapardes kvar ba'ah prichat zahav

atah zocher et hayamim shel ahava
b'tzel etzim
ve'et hashvil, nigun chalil,
tapuach hazahav
atah zocher et hapreichot
ve'et raglai hayechefot
nigun chalil, klipot hazahav
shebatapuach, shebatapuach

Atah hapaitan she'avad lo shir
u'mechapes bein hashvilim
ma sheyazkir, ken, ken
ukhshe'ani bachalomcha
tovelet be'ahavatcha
ze shvil tapuach hazahav,
ze hatapuach
ukhshe ani shvuya shelcha
be jins veseret vetzama
uma nishar,
ken ma nishar?

Al titya'esh, al titzta'er
ken, ken od yesh lehizacher
lishneinu hayom nishar hachalom
nishar hachalom harachok
lishneinu hayom nishar hachalom harachok
u vanu hena rak lishtok

atah zocher et...

With a simple garment and a wild flower
you are walking about so slowly
all alone among the paths
your only dream, like a star
alone somewhere in space
and in the grove already came the golden bloom

you remember the days of love
in the shade of the trees
and the path, sound of the flute
the golden apple
you remember the blooms,
and my bare feet
sound of the flute, golden peels
that are in the apple, that are in the apple

You are the poet who lost a song
and you're looking among the paths
for something that will remind you...yes, yes
and when I'm in your dream
immersed in your love
this is the golden apple path
this is the apple
and when I am your captive
in jeans, ribbon and a braid
and what else is there?
yes what else is there?

Don't despair or be sorry,
yes yes, we still need to remember
for both of us the dream remains
the faraway dream remains
for both of us the faraway dream remains
we came here only to be silent

you remember ...


LYRICS Ofra Haza
MUSIC Ofra Haza
SINGER Ofra Haza

The words to this song were entered by Howard Wachtel of Wilmington, Delaware, USA

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