Hebrew words

LYRICS Chaim Chefer
MUSIC Folktune
SINGER Yaffa Yarkoni
CD Songs Of The pioneers - The Hits of 1948  Track 5
Words entered by Aura Levin Lipski of Melbourne, Australia.
The source book is "Bekol Ram" page 59
The Shiron of the Youth and Hechalutz Department of the WZO, Jerusalem
Year not specified.
Selected and prepared for publication by Uri Cohen and Zvi Ben-Porat
Please note: This songbook is no longer published or available for purchase.
There are only limited copies available in libraries worldwide.
Spanish translation by Heidi Cazes de Sevilla of Mexico City, Mexico
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Spanish translation
Shoshana, Shoshana, Shoshana,
la luna se va con la nube.
Como ella, hacia ti, Shoshana,
En el mar zarpará el capitán.

En el mar la tormentá el mastil ya tronó.
La proa del barco por poco se rompió.
Pero Yoshke se sobrepuso a todo y cantó una alegre canción:

Shoshana, ....

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