Ein li rosh l'milim arukot
V'ata min mila aruka shekazot.
Ciao, y'didi, v'dash l'chayecha -
B'tikva shetavin et hafrecha.

Hashemesh shel Faraj kora'at et hayam
Va'ani mafliga b'toch hakafkafim.
L'an sheyikchu ha'orot ani sham,
Im halaka, halipstick, u'sh'ar da'awin

Ki ba li lirkod, uva li shtuyot.
Ba li litzchok - v'lo ba li alecha!
Ba li bayamim uva li baleilot.
Ba li litz'ok - ani frecha.

Panim shelo osot cheshbon
V'jeans b'style shekatuv ba'iton.
Silsul nitzchi b'se'arot
V'posterim bimkom kirot.
Rotza le'ehov kmo basratim -
Chatich she'yavo b'anglit utz'va'im.
Come on baby, hamatos m'chakeh!
V'od chalom sheli mamri lo, uvocheh

Ba li lirkod, ba li shtuyot.
Ba li litzchok - v'lo ba li alecha!
Ba li bayamim, ba li baleilot.
Ba li litz'ok - ani frecha.

Pa'am sheyihiyeh li zman lihiyot g'dola,
Pa'am tigamer ham'siba.
Ki b'sof kawl frecha mistater shikun katan,
Ba'al lidugma, v'elef kivunei ashan....
(Chorus - as 2nd time)

I'm not in the mood for long words
And you're sort of a long word yourself.
Ciao, my friend, and give my regards to your life -
With hope that you'll understand the frecha..

The sun of Faraj** tears up the sea
And I sail along in flip-flops.
Wherever the lights take me, I'll be there,
With nail polish, lipstick and the other show-off

Because I feel like dancing, I feel like nonsense.
I want to laugh - but you, I don't want!
I want to [have a good time] during the day, also
during the night.
I want to scream - I'm a frecha.

A face with a cool stare
And jeans in the style the newspapers write about.
A permanent wave in my hair
And posters instead of walls.
I want to love like in the movies -
A hunk that comes in English, and in color.
Come on baby, the plane is waiting!
And another dream of mine takes off, and cries.


Once when I have time to grow up,
The party will be over.
For at the end of every frecha, hides a nice little
apartment complex,
A model husband, and a thousand directions of

Translator's notes:
* In the film Shlagger, Ofra dates a dull student who bores her to tears.
She wants to dance and have a good time and he calls her a frecha,
something like a bimbo or a loose woman.

She says if wanting to dance and have fun makes me a frecha,
then I'm a frecha all the way.

And goes into the song, of course.
It's innocent and has nothing to do with being a bimbo.

** Faraj - or Shemesh Shel Faraj (Faraj's sun), was a popular Tel Aviv photo shop,
the "in" place to get wedding photos, etc. Its symbol was a setting sun.

*** smoke - A good apartment has air currents from all directions.
Since Tel Aviv air is polluted, it says smoke from all directions instead of air.

LYRICS Essi Dayan
MUSIC Tzvika Pik
SINGER OFRA HAZA on the albums
Al Ahavot Shelanu (About Our Loves);
Album Hazahav (Gold Album)

The words to this song were transliterated and translated by

Malka Tischler of New York

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