Kvar yarad hasheleg be'harim rechokim uvasheleg anu tzo'adim
Ki betoch haya'ar ha'afel mechakim
Shilgiya im kol hagamadim

Chorafim shiv'a chikinu lach,
lo karat - aval aninu lach
Uv'hevel peh baninu lach
migdalim shel bdolach vezahav

Atarot shel chen kasharnu lach,
serenada cheresh sharnu lach
Va'adayin lo siparnu lach,
ad kama otach nohav

He'alim hizhivu berashey tzamarot
ba hastav el eretz rechoka
Hu tzava et kol hatapuchim bevarod
vegam et lechyech hametuka


Kvar names hasheleg beharim, ze nachon, tishkechi et kol ma shehaya
Mesaprim ba'ir shelevavech hu karchon
ve'al ken kor'im lach Shilgiya


Already the snow has fallen on the faraway mountain,
and through the snow we are marching.
Because in the dark forest they are waiting...
Snow White with all the dwarfs

For seven winters we waited for you,
you didn't call, but we answered you
And with our mouths we build for you,
towers of crystal and gold

Crowns of Grace we tied to you,
serenades silently we sang to you
and still we did not tell you
how much we love you

The leaves turned to gold in the canopy of the tree tops
The fall came from a far away land
It painted all the apples in pink,
and your sweet cheek as well.

For seven winters we waited for you.......

Already the snow on the mountain has melted it's true,
she forgets everything that was.
They say in the town that your heart is like an iceberg
and that is why they call you snow white

For seven winters we waited for you............

LYRICS Naomi Shemer  1966
from her songbook Sefer Gimel 1982 page 40
MUSIC Guy Biar/ Alex Weis
SINGERS Hate'omim
DANCE CHOREOGRAPHER Naftaly Kadosh  1991



The words to this song were transliterated and translated by
Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia.

To contact Chana click here
Assistance with translation from Narit Ben-Ari of Canada

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