Mimerchavim nisa hagal parua

Yam melachech et kaf raglech,

Uvetzamatech shuv tesachek haruach

Utezamer et shmeich.

Hakshivi eich me'al

Sh'chafim yashiku haknafayim

Venotar ... rak hed kolech.


Bamidronot chafzu p'rachim lifro'ach

Lach kalanit besa'arech,

Ve'im ha'aviv mihart gam at livro'ach,

Ve'ein yodei'a eich.

Habiti eich habrosh me'al

Meni'a hatzameret

Venotar ... rak hed kolech.


Kawl hashirim matz'u darkam ha'erev

Min hanirim el saf beitech,

Vechawl tikvotai hayu itam leteref,

Ki lo patacht daltech.

Habiti eich kochav koretz

Eilayich mishamayim,

Venotar ... rak hed kolech.


Kawl hagalim nashku lachof baruach

Kawl hayamim nas'u d'mutech,

Verak tzamatech al hakatef tanua,

Tishma hemyat libech.

Hakshivi eich min hamish'ol

Korei hatan la'erev

Venotar ... rak hed kolech.

From the sea's expanse the wild wave arises

The ocean licks at your feet,

And the wind will play again with your braid

And sing your name.

Listen how above,

Seagulls rustle their wings

And there remains ... only the echo of your voice.


On the hillsides the flowers rushed to bloom

You wore a kalanit [anemone] in your hair

And with the spring you, too, rushed to escape

And no one knows how.

Look how the cypress above

Moves its top

And there remains ... only the echo of your voice.


All the songs found their way this evening

From the plowed fields to your doorstep,

And all my hopes went with them, to be torn apart,

For you didn't open your door.

Look how a star

Winks at you from the sky

And there remains ... only the echo of your voice.


All the waves reached the shore in the wind

All the seas carried your image,

But only your braid will move, on your shoulder,

And will hear the longing of your heart.

Listen how, from the path,

The jackal calls to the evening

And there remains ... only the echo of your voice.


Words in Hebrew


Eitan Peretz


Nachum Heiman

SINGERS Haparvarim; also Gevatron

Parvarim: The First 30 Years   Track 20


Song words translated and transliterated by Malka Tischler of New York, USA
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