Hazman over, shanim cholfot
kmo barakevet,
shum davar lo hishtanah belibi.
Kmo besha'ot hachi yafot
ani ohevet veshuv choshevet
rak alecha ahuvi
ani od chayah be'avar veshuv nizkeret
halev sheli male be'ahavah
rotzah otcha ani shelach
lo nishberet amok balev yesh li tikvah.

Rak atah, rak atah vezeh lo over
vehalaylah kar ve'atsuv ve'afor
rak atah, rak atah belibi habo'er
mechakah shetashuv shetachzor.

Baleilot ani bocha le'or yareach
ani cholah merov ga'agu'im
vecholemet rak otcha
libi rote'ach velo shoke'ach
bil'adecha ein chaim
od yom over lo vecholef
achshav kvar choshech veharegesh shebetoch halev
rak mitgaber umitgaber
ani nirgeshet umeyu'eshet zeh lo over



Time passes, years go by
like on a train,
nothing has changed in my heart.
As in the most beautiful times,
I love and think again
of only you my love
I still live in the past and I'm reminded again
my heart is fully in love,
I want you, I'm yours
I am not broken, in my heart there's hope.

Only you, only you and it doesn't pass
and the night is cold, sad and gray
only you, only you are in my burning heart,
I wait for you to come back, return.

In the nights, I cry to the light of the moon,
I'm ill with yearning,
I dream only you
my heart boils and doesn't forget
without you there's no life,
another day passes and goes by,
it got dark and the feeling in the heart
just overcomes and overcomes
I am excited and desperate, it's doesn't pass.


Hebrew words

LYRIC Mirit Shem Or
MUSIC Zvika Pik
Sarit Hadad

Celebration   Track 9

Words transliterated and transliterated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
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