(Shir Baboker Baboker) (Song of the Morning)

Pit'om kam adam baboker
umargish shehu am umatchil lalechet,
ulechol hanifgash bedarko kore hu 'Shalom.'

Deganim olim mul panav mivein ch'ritsei hamidrachet.
Venichocho lerosho madifim atsei izdarechet.
Hatlalim rosesim veharim ribo karnaim,
hem yolidu chupat shemesh lichlulotav.

Pit'om kam adam...

Vehu tsochek gvurat dorot min heharim,
venichlamot mishtachavot hamilchamot apaim,
Lehod elef shanim mefachot bamistarim,
elef shanim tse'irot lefanav
kefeleg tsonen, k'shir ro'im, ke'anaf.

Pit'om kam adam baboker
Umargish shehu am umatchil lalechet,
veroeh ki chazar ha'aviv
vehorik shuv ilan min hashalechet.

Suddenly a man wakes up in the morning
He feels he is a nation and begins to walk
And to all he meets on his way he calls out 'Shalom!'

Corn stalks are growing up behind him
Between the cracks in the sidewalks and lilac trees
Shower down rich fragance on his head
The dew drops are sparkling and the hills are a myriad of rays
They will give birth to a canopy of sunlight for his wedding

Suddenly a man wakes up in the morning...

And he laughts with the strength of generations in the mountains,
and the shamed wars bow down to the ground,
to the glory of a thousand years flowing forth from the hiding places,
a thousand young years in front of him
like a cold book, like a shepherd's song, like a branch.

Suddenly a man wakes up in the morning
He feels he is a nation and begins to walk,
and he sees that the spring has returned
and the tree is turning green since last fall's treeshedding.

Hebrew words

LYRICS Amir Gilboa
MUSIC Shlomo Artzi & Gidy Koren
SINGER Shlomo Artzi
DANCE CHOREOGRAPHERS Yaron Ben Simchon & Dudu Barzilay  1999
DANCE DEMONSTRATION VIDEO Demonstrated by Dudu Barzilai

Words sent in by Henry Lederfeind of Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Translation by Marcos Roca of Argentina.
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