Ha'olam kol kach shalev
Vehalailah bimyuchad      
Lif'amim nidmeh li
She'anachnu zeh echad
Kochavim prusim me'al
Ubareka had'mamah
Shuv atah mabitit elai
Ve'otzer bi neshimah        

Yesh bi regashot veyesh li kavanah
Beyachad lehamshich, et otah hamanginah

Kach oti bishtei yadayim
Vena'uf bishnayim
Kamah tov itcha
L'hiot be'olam shel chalomot    

Ani lo yaldah ktanah
Shekoveshet bidma'ot
Im telech mimeni lo kasheh li lechakot
Hachaim limdu oti shekedai lehitkarev    
Vechashuv lada'at gam lifto'ach et halev    

Yesh bi regashot veyesh li kavanah
Verak atah tovil oti baderech hanechonah

Chorus (2x)

The world is so peaceful

And nighttime, especially.

Sometimes it seems to me

That we are one.

Stars are spread out overhead

And in the background - silence.

Again you look towards me

And my breath stops.


I have feelings and I intend

To continue on together with the same melody.


Take me in your two hands

And we'll fly together, the two of us.

How good it is to be with you

In a world of dreams.


I'm not a little girl

Who conquers with tears.

If you go away, it's not hard for me to wait.

Life has taught me it's worthwhile to become close.

And it's important too, to know how to open up the heart.


I have feelings, and I have intentions

And only you will lead me on the right path.

Chorus (2x)

LYRICS Lior Farchi
MUSIC Lior Farchi
SINGER Sarit Hadad
CD La'asot Mah Sheba Li (Doing What I Want)   Track 8

Words sent in by Erik Alberts of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Translation by Malka Tischler of New York, USA
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