Velich'orah asaknu
beshelanu, rak beshelanu

Bli levakesh gdolot unetzurot.

Shalvah muferet, ukvar acheret.

Ve'ein ta'am lechasot

Ki bapetach nichnasot hatmurot.


Mi shetzama lekol mechvah shel chesed

Ozno tofeset eich hakri'ot chotzot et harechov.

Sho'el ada'yin? sho'el me'ayin?

Ken me'ayin kochot lishov?


Ze bezo nabit, venitmah sheinyit,

Eim ra'yinu nechonah.

Lif'amim ani, lif'amim atah,

Ko zkukim lenechamah.



Mishechavah et be'erat hakayitz,
libu labayit

Ufnei hanof reyi lecherdotav.

Et mi yashbi'a?
et mi yargi'a?

Ve'al ma etpalel ad stav.


Ze bezo nabit………..


It seem that we were occupied
with our personal problems

With out demanding too much.

Our serenity is already disturbed,

The changes are with us

And it is no use to pretend any more.


Searching for any sign of charity,

Intensively listening to the arising street's noise.

Asking myself from when and where

Am I going to find the ability to cope?



We are looking at each other

And wondering who has made mistakes.

Some time it is me and other time it is you

That needs the consolation?



Who ever felt the summer's burning heat,

Wants to hide at home

And the landscape mirrored his anxieties.

From whom will take an oath?

From whom will I be calmed?

And for what will I pray until the autumn arrives.


We are looking at each other



Hebrew words


Rachel Shapira


Nurit Hirsh

CD Shirei Ahava - Songs of Love    Track 5
Transliteration and translation by Ziva Fain of Melbourne, Australia
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