Bo ahuvi lasalon hakatan lirkod iti tango
bo ahuvi, nasim eize disc,
lo chashuv, haiikar shenanua,
nanua nanua,nanua,nanua

bo ahuvi lamitbach hayashan
ham'karer mezamzem lanu arba shanim
mangina mishelo al gvina levana
hu lo mekulkal... gam hu rak takua

bo na'aroz venisaa leyapan leshana o maspik leshavua
tov, az bimkom bo niftach ta'chalon
shechasam ad hayom ett haruach

bo ahuvi lamita hagdola
nekapel kvisa
nesaper echad lashniya
shtuyot al hayom, haiiton, hachesbon
hachalom vehapachad hayadua
venanua, nanua, nanua
Come, my love, to the small salon to tango with me
come, my love, we'll put on some disc,
doesn't matter, the point is we'll move,
we'll move, move, move.

Come, my love, to the old kitchen
the fridge hums for us for four years
its own tune about cream cheese
it's not spoilt... it's also just stuck
we'll move, move, move...

Let's pack and fly to Japan for a year or even a good week,
then instead let's open the window
that blocked the wind until today.
we'll move...

Come, my love, to the big bed
we'll fold the laundry
we'll tell one another
nonsense about today, the paper, the account
the dream and the known fear
and we'll move, move, move...



Hebrew words

LYRICS Achinoam Nini and Gil Dor
MUSIC Achinoam Nini and Gil Dor
SINGER Achinoam Nini - Noa
CD Achinoam Nini 1997   Track 5
Transliteration by Ari Polsky of Los Angeles, California, USA
English translation by George Jacubovitz of Toronto, Canada
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