Hayu yamim chamim yemey batzoret
Panai yavshu kesedek adama
Sadi kamel velo notar liktzor
Sha'alti lachashti bishvil ma

Hachoref shuv hika bi kar kacherev
Vehamabat ko sagriri bishtey enai
Umisidkey kirot nibat ha'etzev
Sha'alti lachashti ad matai

Ach le'et ere vim ru'ach erev
Ale nosher lo al gag beti
Ani yoda'at ani shoma'at
Mishehu holech tamid iti

Ani zocheret bdiduti zo'eket
Alit panai bishtey kapot yadai
Et tza'ari chilakti im pat lechem
Sha'alti ha'omnam ve'im kedai

Et tfilotai esa kach hal'ha hal'ha
Od lochashot sfatai mitoch on'yi
Ani yoda'at mishehu lema'ala
Ro'e or ashashit bachaloni

Hot days, drought days
My face was dry like a crack in the soil
My field withered, nothing left to harvest
I asked, I whispered: what for?

Winter hit me again, cold as a sword
The glaze in my eyes, so cold and rainy
Sadness stares from the cracks in the walls
I asked, I whispered: until when?

But when evening came, with the evening wind
A leaf falls on the roof of my home
I know, I hear,
someone always walks with me

I remember my screaming loneliness
I will cover my face with my two hands
I have shared my sorrow with a piece of bread
I asked: is it all worth it?

I will carry my prayers on and on
My lips whisper out of my poverty
I know, someone up there
Will see the lamp light in my window


LYRICS Ami Kiedar
MUSIC Efi Netzer
SINGER Ofra Chaza
CD Adama  1995  Track 3
DANCE CHOREOGRAPHER Chayim Shiryon  1984


Words transliterated and translated by Chana Shuvaly of Melbourne, Australia.

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