Ani rotzah lihiot kena

Asita li fadichot bashchunah

Siparta lashchenim rak sipurim

Harasta li et hachaim


Az al tagid li mitzta'er

Et haslichot tash'ir leyom acher

Be'im norid mimcha ta'amasechah

Nachsof et ha'emet shelcha



Ad matai tamshich lachshov

She'atah melech harechov

Ve'im tir'eh oti mulcha

Ta'avor gam midrachah



Ve'im atah lo mitbalbel

Lashevet kol hayom ulerachel

Atah lo chaver velo yadid sheli

Bekitzur atah lo bishvili


Chaval al kol hadiburim

Atah kazeh aluf besipurim

Ve'im chipasta ahavah shonah

Az tenaseh et hashchenah

Chorus (4x)

I want to be honest,
you made me front page news in the neighbourhood.
You told the neighbours stories,
your ruined my life.

So don't tell me you're sorry,
Leave the sorries for another day.
and if the mask comes off of you,
your truth will get exposed.

Until when will you continue to think
that you are king of the street?
and if you'll see me in front of you,
also cross the road.

And if you're not confused,
to sit all day and gossip
you're not my boyfriend or pal,
in short you are not for me.

All the talking was a waste,
you're such a champ of stories,
and if you're looking for a different love,
then try the next door neighbour..

Chorus (4x)



Hebrew words

LYRICS David Zigman
MUSIC Shimon Boskilah
SINGER Sarit Hadad
CD Rak Ahavah Tavi Ahavah - Only Love will bring Love   Track 3

Transliteration by Erik Alberts of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Spanish translation by Daniela Roitstein of Melbourne, Australia
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Spanish translation


Quiero ser honesta

Me hiciste papelones en el barrio

Les contaste a los vecinos

puros cuentos

Me destruiste la vida


Así que no me digas “lo lamento”

Las disculpas dejálas

para otro momento

Y si te sacamos la careta

Vamos a dejar al descubierto

tu verdad



Hasta cuándo seguirás pensando

que eres el rey de la calle

y si me ves pasar por ahí

hasta cruzarás la vereda? (2)


Y si a ti no te confunde

sentarte todo el día y chusmear

no eres ni un amigo ni un compañero

En definitiva, no eres para mí


No valen la pena todos esos cuentos

Eres un campeón en los chimentos

Y si buscabas un amor diferente

entonces prueba con la vecina de enfrente


Estribillo (4)


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