Bamak'helah kulam gvarim at menatsachat,
bemakel ksamim sholetet merachok.
et hamanginah at pit'om shochachat,
lach sharim shir ahavah bekol amok.

Hakol bil'ti muchan umebalbel
ech efshar lichbosh libech ani shoel
ein li makel k'samim lo yode'a mah lomar lach
pit'om kvar ein milim lachen ani kan shar lach

Eich shehalev elaich mitkarev
ulai at lo yoda'at ani otach ohev.
Eich shehalev elaich mitkarev
lu rak hayit shoma'at
et maginat halev.

Rak simi lev, alaich rak shomer.
Rak kayitz shoma'at et manginat halev.

Bemanginot eftach libech ve'az tavini
sheyesh adam she bishvilo at hatikvah
besefer hasfarim et shmech la'ad chatamti
vehu shamur rak lach chatum be'ahavah.

Lachen imri li na'arah haim tehi li
ech yamay cholfim ve'ein bi menuchah.
Mul chalonech eshev kol yom ad shetavini
shelibi kore lach el ha'ahavah.

In the choir all your guys, you win,
with a staff you control magic from afar,
you suddenly forget the melody,
in a deep voice, a song of love is sung to you.

Everything's unprepared and confused,
how can I capture your heart, I ask,
I don't have a magic staff, I don't know what to tell you
suddenly I don't even have words, so I'm here singing to you

How the heart nears you,
maybe you don't know, I love you.
How the heart nears you,
if only you would hear,
the melody of the heart.

Just pay attention, I only guard you,
only the summer hears the melody of the heart.

In the melodies I'll open your heart and then you'll understand,
that there's a man to whom you are the hope,
in the Book of Books I signed your name forever,
and it's kept only for you, signed in love.

So tell me girl if you'll be mine,
how my days pass and I have no rest.
In front of your windows I'll sit every day till you understand
that my heart calls to you for love.




Hebrew words

LYRICS Yaron Cohen
MUSIC Yaron Cohen
SINGER Eyal Golan
CD Tslil Meitar - Sound Of String  Track 9

Words transliterated & translated by George Jakubovits of Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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