LYRICS Naomi Shemer
MUSIC Naomi Shemer
  Lahakat Hanachal
CD Halehitim Hag'dolim 1963-1972 / Nachal Troupe Best Hits '63-'72
Track 1
2-CD set: Chava Alberstein: Hashanim Harishonot (The Early Years)
Volume 3, Disk 1, Track 9

Words entered by Aura Levin Lipski of Melbourne, Australia.

The source book is "Bekol Ram" pages 108-110
The Shiron of the Youth and Hechalutz Department of the WZO, Jerusalem. Year not specified.
Selected and prepared for publication by Uri Cohen and Zvi Ben-Porat

Please note: This songbook is no longer published or available for purchase.
There are only limited copies available in libraries worldwide.

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