Ulai kan nigmeret darki
Al hasaf hashalev.
Notfim kochavim yerukim
Le'at -- keholem halev.

Beivshat anafim yeveshah,
Birkat shlomim :
Haetsim haktanim bachorshah
Chiku li kol hayamim.

Mah muzar shebikashti otcha
Bidrachim larov,
Ad shebati al saf beitcha
Vehu koh karov.

Perhaps it is here that my road ends
On the verge of the serene
Greenish stars drop to my feet
Slowly as the heart will beat

A pile of brittle autumn leaves
Bid welcome, as they crack
The small trees in the field have
Always known that Id be back

How strange that I have searched for you
A thousand roads and more
Until I found you
And all this time
You were right next door


LYRICS Leah Goldberg
MUSIC Noa (Achinoam Nini)
SINGER Noa (Achinoam Nini)

The words to this song were sent in by
Emilia Galindo of Barcelona, Spain.

To contact Emilia directly  click here

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