Im tirtzeh kach lisgor et hakol
V'lo l'hash'ir bi davar...
Lo livdok, lo likro, lo lish'ol
V'lihiyot ko rachok li v'zar...
Lir'ot bashamayim tziporim do'ot,
Bish'at arbayim kim'at, kim'at livkot.

Rak itcha li kashim hadvarim.
Rak itcha lo kal l'daber.
Yesh g'varim, yesh g'varim shebochim
K'shelibam m'sarev l'vater
Lishtei haraglayim haro'adot v'koshlot
Lishtey ha'einayim shelo yod'ot litzchok.

Kum eilai kum v'hitorer!
Titgaber venitgaber!
Kawl hakesem veha'or
Sovevim b'li lachzor.
Sovevim itanu venog'im - (wo-o-oh)
Venog'im rak banu k'chalom.

Uvecha mah becha mistater?
El mi kach tiv'ar ke'ashan?
Lo, ani lo ahavti acher.
Rak lecha mechaka kawl hazman.
Im pa'am hayita shoresh melavlev,
Achshav nish'arta achzava b'li lev.

If you want to end everything this way
And to leave nothing within me...
Not to check, not to call out, not to ask
And to be so distant from me, like a stranger...
To watch birds soaring in the sky,
At evening time to almost, almost cry.

Only with you, things are hard for me.
Only with you, it's not easy to talk.
There are men, there are men who cry
When their hearts refuse to give in
To two legs which tremble and fail
To two eyes that don't know how to laugh.

Get up, come to me, get up and awaken!
Be strong and we'll overcome!
All the magic and the light
Surround us, without returning.
They circle around with us and touch -
touch only us, like a dream.

And in you, what is hidden inside you?
For whom do you burn like smoke?
No, I haven't loved any other.
Only for you, I wait all the time.
If once you were a root beginning to sprout,
Now you remain a disappointment, without a heart.


LYRICS Bezalel Aloni
MUSIC Henry Bratter
SINGER Ofra Haza

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Chai/Bayit Cham
 Disk 2 (Bayit Cham), track 8

Chai/Bayit Cham  Disk 2 (Bayit Cham), track 8

Song words transliterated and translated by Malka Tischler of New York

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